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R4 3DS backup flash cardAll current 3DS backup solutions work using the smallest available SD flash cards that is microSD or micro SDHC and micro SDXC in the near future. Another thing you need for a 3DS rom backup image to work is an adapter card that looks very similar to an original 3DS came card. This R4 3DS backup cartridge (flash card) has a microSD card slot, and microchip inside that makes Nintendo 3DS console think that a regular game has been inserted when as in reality you are running a game from a 3DS rom file on a micro SDHC card. 

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R4 3DS Backup Flash Cards


3DS Backup CartHow to play Nintendo 3DS backups on the console in easy steps:
- connect microSDHC card to a PC via a card reader and copy firmware files (they come on a CD or can be downloaded from the website)
- download some 3DS rom backup files and copy them to the SD card
- insert the R4 3DS Backup Flash Card into the console and You will be presented with a game selection menu - browse up and down to select the game backup file you would like to play
- click [A] button to start the game. (in game you can use button combinations to activate extra features like: slow motion, cheat codes or do a quick save/restore)
List of Nintendo 3DS rom sites where you can download ready made backups
List of 3DS Flash Cards and their reviews R4 3DS, AceKard 3, SuperCard DS3 R43.


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Make Nintendo 3DS Game Backups with new R4 3DS Game Copy hardware.


  • SuperCard 3DS DSTHREE new SuperCard 3 DS for 3D games. Successor to the DSONE and DSTWO DSi flash cards and iPlayer movie card for the DS.
    AceKard 3 first true Nintendo 3DS flash card from the team Ace that brougt You the original NDS Ace Kard and all time favorites like AK2i and AK2.1
    EZ-Flash 3DS great EZ flash card at an affordable price from EZflash team that has a history of designing good cards for GBA, SP, DS and DSi.
    Cyclo3DS best backup device that money can buy comes at a price bigger than others. Delivers on all of its promises. Good support and exelent build quality. •


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I am working on the game backup file release list for official updates of the 3DS scene releases to be organized all in one place with the ability to search and sort the database by region, release number, country, gander.